Arbora's journey

An adventure that started twenty years ago has reaped fruits that can be admired today in Paris, London, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Riga. It’s part of a journey that takes you to a range of fascinating buildings and unique interiors; a journey in which the level of skill will amaze, surprise and impress you. And it was Arbora that created that trip and designed an adventure that would far outlive every traveller’s expectations.

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Interior craftsmen

Unique buildings require unique interior design concepts. Every interior is destined for a different purpose. With an eye for the finer details, an ability to provide exceptional quality finishing and an extensive knowledge of materials and production techniques, DrieDee can provide interiors that integrate seamlessly with the needs of both architects and clients. We listen, advise, design, produce, plan and relieve all your stresses and strains while bringing interiors to life from sketches. We take clients and designers with us as we travel through their dreams.

Mission and vision


Our mission is to use our knowledge, expertise and creativity to create unique interior designs and beautiful interior products. Arbora is locally, nationally and internationally active in the creation of interiors. Arbora takes care of design interiors right from dismantling up to completion.


  • Provides a turnkey solution.
  • Works with renowned architects who are able to create a design that fits seamlessly with the owner’s wishes.
  • Understands designs and supports its customers in selecting the right materials and finishing techniques. Prefers to take on turnkey contracts so that clients have a single point of contact. In doing so, DrieDee takes full responsibility for ensuring accurate and timely project delivery. Has skilled professionals who perform to perfection and with soul and dedication when designs are really difficult to achieve.
  • Has an international network of suppliers who share the same passion for unique interiors.

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We take the time to understand your story behind a space or building.