Custom design

Arbora has its own production capacity for all customization, and a large production capacity through a joint venture. Productions in sheet material, solid core, solid surface, metal, etc. are therefore no problem at all.

Starting point

We take the time to understand the story behind a room or building. That story is our compass; the starting point of our journey. We analyse plans, provide advice and ask questions. That way, we ensure that we understand the space as well as the destination.

Travel preparation

Together we choose the most suitable materials and artisan production techniques, while maintaining a realistic balance between the financial means available and our ultimate goal: the destination.


We start creating our interior design based on a well-defined itinerary. The journey proceeds without delays but with plenty of energy. Achieving a unique interior requires attention to detail and finishing.

Travel guide

We love direct lines of communication. There is always one single point of contact while work is being carried out. The foreman provides guidance and direction, monitors the course of action and keeps in direct contact with all craftsmen.


The interior will be completed according to the agreed schedule. We will stay until every small detail has been completed: right up until the interior can be used for the purpose for which it was intended and until we can proudly add a new landmark to our journey.